ssc: An R Package for Semi-Supervised Classification

13 July 2018

Presentation at the useR 2018 conference in Brisbane, Australia

Semi-supervised classification has become a popular area of machine learning, where both labeled and unlabeled data are used to train a classifier. This learning paradigm has obtained promising results, specifically in the presence of a reduced set of labeled examples. We present the R package ssc that implements a collection of self-labeled techniques to construct a classification model. This family of techniques enlarges the original labeled set using the most confident predictions to classify unlabeled data. The techniques implemented in the ssc package can be applied to classification problems in several domains by the specification of a suitable learning scheme. At low ratios of labeled data, it can be shown to perform better than classical supervised classifiers.

To download the package: CRAN

Paper: M. Gonzalez, R. Osmani, J.D. Rodriguez, C. Bergmeir, I. Triguero, J. M. Benitez (2016) ssc: An R Package for Semi-Supervised Classification. In: Working Paper

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