Please do not hesitate to contact me for services and independent expert advice around forecasting in your organisation.

I have deep knowledge and years of experience in the field of time series forecasting, in particular with machine learning. I’ve worked in the past with some of the leading Australian and international companies.

Example projects


I’ve presented my work at internal seminars and work meetings internationally to companies like Amazon, Walmart, Uber, Facebook, and in Australia to companies such as Bunnings, Coles, Wesfarmers (see the talks page).

Industry events

I have been an invited speaker at the following industry events, in Australia and international:

  1. Bergmeir, C (2019). Panel Discussion: How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Defined, Sold And Delivered Successfully Across Business Units And Stakeholders From Differing Industries. In: 4th Annual Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Summit 2019, 13-14/8/2019, Sydney, Australia.
  2. Bergmeir, C (2019). How Machine Learning and Advanced Predictive Analytics Improves Demand Forecasting and Production Planning. In: 3rd Digital Supply Chain Innovation and Humanless Warehouse Forum, 29-30/10/2019, Melbourne, Australia.
  3. Bergmeir, C (2018). “Applied AI and Machine Learning”, Post-conference workshop. In: Robotic Process Automation Asia 2018, 19-22/4/2018, Manila, Philippines.
  4. Bergmeir, C (2018). Procurement digitization: Impact on supply chain advancement. In: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) 2018, 23-24/5/2018, Sydney, Australia.
  5. Bergmeir, C (2018). Leveraging AI and Data Analytics to Improve Forecasting and Demand Planning. In: Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018, 18-20/9/2018, Melbourne, Australia.
  6. Bergmeir, C (2018). Reducing Supply Chain Forecasting Error and Improving Demand Planning with AI and Machine Learning. In: Disruptive Innovation and Digital Transformation in Supply Chain, 18-20/9/2018, Melbourne, Australia.
  7. Bergmeir, C (2017). Masterclass “Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises”. In: Robotic Process Automation, Asia 2017, 7-9/6/2017, Singapore.
  8. Bergmeir, C (2017). State of the art hierarchical sales and demand forecasting. In: Supply Chain Planning & Innova- tion 2017, 29-30/8/2017, Melbourne, Australia.
  9. Bergmeir, C (2016). Panelist, session “Delving into Machine Learning”. In: Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Summit 2016, 13-14/9/2016, Sydney, Australia.