Research team

In the following I list current and past PhD students and research fellows.

Current research fellows

  1. Kasun Bandara.
  2. Mahdi Abolghasemi.

Current PhD students

  1. Abishek Sriramulu. Graph Neural Networks for Time series forecasting.
    Started 2020. Co-direction with Nicolas Fourrier, Pablo Montero-Manso.
  2. Alexey Chernikow. Feature Generation methods for time series forecasting.
    Started 2019. Co-direction with Pablo Montero-Manso.
  3. Jahan Penny-Dimri. Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting and Risk Profiling in Cardiac Surgery.
    Started 2019. Co-direction with Julian Smith.
  4. Md Mohaimenuzzaman. Deep Learning for the internet of things.
    Started 2019. Co-direction with Bernd Meyer.
  5. Rakshitha Godahewa. Ensembling for Forecasting using recurrent neural networks.
    Started 2019. Co-direction with Geoff Webb.
  6. Dilini Rajapaksha. Locally interpretable models in a medical context.
    Started 2018. Co-direction with Wray Buntine.
  7. Hansika Hewamalage. Forecasting using recurrent neural networks.
    Started 2018. Co-direction with Wray Buntine, Klaus Ackermann.

Former PhD students

  1. Kasun Bandara. Forecasting sets of similar time series using recurrent neural networks.
    Graduated 2020. Co-direction with Wray Buntine, Dan Lubman. Now a postdoctoral researcher in my group.
  2. Mabel Gonzalez Castellanos. Semi-supervised learning for time series classification.
    Graduated 2016. Co-direction with I. Triguero and J.M. Benítez. Now a Data Scientist at HID Global, Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. Lala Septem Riza. Novel software solutions for Fuzzy Set and Rough Set theory.
    Graduated 2015. Co-direction with F. Herrera and J.M. Benítez. Now an academic at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

            Research Team