Special session at Virtual ISF2020 on Global Modelling for Forecasting


Pablo Montero-Manso and I are organising an invited session at Virtual ISF2020 on Global Modelling for Forecasting. Details are here

Speakers and topics are:

  • Kasun Bandara (Speaker) Student, Monash University
    Transfer Learning Schemes for Global Forecasting Models using Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Alexey Chernikov (Speaker) Student, Monash
    Automatic Feature-based Forecast Model Averaging

  • Dilini Rajapaksha (Speaker) PhD Student, Monash University
    Local Model-Agnostic Interpretability in Global Time Series Forecasting

  • Rakshitha Godahewa (Speaker) Student, Monash University
    Addressing Data Heterogeneity in Time Series Forecasting using Global Ensemble Models

  • Hansika Hewamalage (Speaker) Student, Monash University
    Global Models for Time Series Forecasting: A Simulation Study

  • Pablo Montero-Manso (Speaker) Research Fellow, Monash University
    Why does joint forecasting of multiple time series work so well?